Thursday, January 14, 2016

Too old to play dolls?

After a vigorous day of running errands, Ima came down with the chills and a slight cough. Hitty Primrose promptly tucked Ima into bed with a hot water bottle, an extra warm quilt , and a nice cup of her respiratory herbal tea. Ima is feeling under the weather, but with HItty Primrose as her nurse she will be up and around in no time!
Happy Dolly Day~

Dear Friends, 
I have been enjoying time with my grandchildren and settling another daughter into college. Also, I have enjoyed playing dolls a little too much lately. Is a woman in mid-life too old to enjoy doll play? I think not, but some would say yes;-)  On my Take Peace Facebook page for Tasha Tudor admirers, we have dolly day each Thursday. Members post pics of their dolls. There are many stunning dolls with fabulous wardrobes and there are many dolls with humble surroundings also. It is all great fun!
Until next time 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Holiday Boot Camp Rerun: Week 2

How are you doing on the challenge, if your participating? I got mine done last week and it felt good! Now onto this week. Join in with me and let me know in the comments how it is going for you , or if your finding trouble getting going~here to help!

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Holiday Boot Camp Rerun: Week 1

Good Day Friends~

I am having a hard time believing that it is already November, where did October go!  I have already been alerted by numerous FB posts that there is only so many paydays, Saturday's, weeks, etc., until Christmas Day. But I ask, what about Thanksgiving? It seems those that do celebrate Halloween or retail stores primarily, advertise heavily Halloween then just jump to Christmas, complete with holiday music echoing throughout their stores. It's really a bit unnerving!

So, in order to be prepared and unhurried, as much as one can be unhurried during this season, I am going to repost the link to my Holiday Boot Camp Series. It will break down the two holidays into manageable tasks so that we will be ready to face the company with a smile and keep a "meek and quiet spirit" for our families.

Are you on board? Let me know. I will have little enouragements posted daily on the Blueberry Cottage Facebook page. Visit me daily there and each Monday I will post the next challenge.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Makeover for Blueberry Cottage and Apron Give Away!

Oh, hello there! It has been awhile hasn't it? Well, you see, the cottage has been undergoing a makeover, in more ways than one. I hope you 'll come in and make yourself at home. Although I took a six month hiatus I have still been enjoying conversation on Facebook a bit. However, I have missed blogging and feel ready to open that door again.

How do you like the new design? I tried to have the look fit who I am. Anyone who knows me knows I have a fondness for old-fashioned pursuits and living. I should like to say I was born in the wrong century, but God does not make mistakes, so this is where I am supposed to be.  There has been several changes in my life, for one I have a darling new grandson, Liam. He is four months now and a very handsome little fella he is. I hope to share some pictures with you soon.

 Older women similarly are to be reverent in their behavior, not malicious gossips nor addicted to much wine, teaching what is right and good,  so that they may encourage the young women to tenderly love their husbands and their children, to be sensible, pure, makers of a home [where God is honored], good-natured, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored. *The Amplified Bible

Simplifying life is a constant on my mind. I don't like hurry or too much busyness. My ideal would be to have a calm and peaceful home life and to encourage others to slow down and experience with joy the same.  In the spirit of Titus 2 the posts will reflect heavily on homemaking and godly motherhood and marriage. Of course, you know I will still have to talk about handmade living, like my love of knitting and sewing and all things Tasha Tudor! If you glance at the above navigation bar the topics I will write about and hopefully discuss with you are there. I will still keep some other categories on the side bar, but primarily posts will capture the spirit of the above topics.  Little changes will still be taking place, but they may be hardly noticeable even to the discerning eye. 

To celebrate I would like to bless one fortunate reader with  a beautiful apron from Joyful Aprons. This particular apron is the Sophia (I have a sweet daughter named Sophia) and it is a lovely material with a pattern of soft yellow and green with pink flowers. The two pockets are a cute white polka-dot pattern with little flowery bows. Definitely made by an experienced seamstress, it is stitched with care and attention to detail. A ruffle of the same pattern as the pocket adds a bit of feminine flair. Isn't it just darling!

All you need do is leave a comment on this post saying hello and you are entered. If you would be so kind to share that Blueberry Cottage is back to blogging by sharing this post on your social media platforms that will get you an extra entry for each one. Just let me know by leaving a number in a comment box-I know, a bit cumbersome, but is there any other way? I will draw names on November 5th and announce the winner right here within the post. I will try to also reach the winner by email if one is left. 

Homemaking is a formidable calling~ one I love. My hope is to impart the pearls of wisdom I have learned in my 30+ years of running a household and raising children for the Lord, to you. Just so you know, not everything has turned out rosy here, so I won't be preaching on perfection-I have no wisdom or sage advice there ❤

Remember to visit any of the social media icons on the right sidebar to connect with Blueberry Cottage daily.

The winner of the lovely Sophia Apron from Joyful Aprons is Laura from Harvest Lane Cottage! Please contact me at so I may get your snail mail address and mail this pretty out to you!

Oh Suzanne, I'm so glad you're back to blogging. It looks terrific. I've changed my look recently at Harvest Lane Cottage, but I'm not truly happy with it. Did you hire a designer?

Please drop by and say hello!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

*Disclosure-I have not been compensated in any way by Joyful Aprons for the review or give away of the Sophie Apron. This apron was bought by me to be a blessing to another homemaker.

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