Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Yarn Along.....

As the season shifts to crisp and cool air, I find myself with my knitting constantly
within reach. This autumn season seems to be quickly passing me by. Yesterday we
went to our local orchard to pick apples and they informed me their season for u-pick 
had ended last weekend. So, off we went with a few purchased bags of apples and cider, making
a mental note to be a bit quicker on the apple picking scene next year.

Back to my knitting endeavours.  I organized my  knitting bag and pulled
out three unfinished projects! However, after a moment of guilt passed, I 
proceeded to pick out yarn for a new project. You fiber addicts won't scold me 
will you? You know you have done it too:-)  Well then, currrently on the needles are
these cozy slipper boots for my daughter Jillian's Christmas gift. The free pattern can
be found HERE.  I am using a wool/acrylic blend on these so they can be tossed
in the wash.  The yarn is by Plymouth and I went with two strands of yarn.

I am still enjoying Adventures in Yarn Farming and a Grace Livingston Hill
novel called Blue Ruin. I pick up old copies of her novels at the second hand
book shop a town over. They are, I guess, romance novels. However, the stories 
always have a Christian moral and center heavily on old-fashioned homemaking.

What's on your needles and nightstand today?

Joining in with Ginny today for her weekly Yarn Along.

Friday, September 5, 2014


. . . . . . . . .
{this moment} ~ A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. 
. . . . . . . . . .
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tasha Tudor Day Approaches ~ How Will You Celebrate?

Dear Tasha would have been 99 years tomorrow. How will you remember the way she 
touched your life? Will it be with a pot of tea in the garden, a walk with a corgi
or other furry friend, making a simple drawing, or perhaps baking up one of 
her delicious receipts from her cookbook, "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook:  Recipes
and Reminiscences from Corgi Cottage. Can you believe her cookbook is in
a kindle edition? I think Tasha might find that highly amusing!

The Family is having a quiet remembrance this year. You can read their thoughts on celebrating
Tasha's birthday at their blog Rookery Ramblings. There is also a button , just like the one 
above that you may use to announce to your readers about Tasha Tudor Day. Also, a linky
tool has been added so you may add your posts there and others may visit and read them .

I am celebrating-oh, yes indeed! Special plans have been in the works
with a kindred spirit. And we have a new family member who has come
to reside at Blueberry Cottage, but you will have to wait for a post on all that. 
Soon though, I promise! In the meantime you can read some of my posts from 
previous years if you care. ~Suzanne

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Kindred Spirit Gathering~Memories to Cherish~ Part II

*Read Part I of  A Kindred Spirit Gathering~ Memories to Cherish! HERE

After touring Tasha Tudor's home we all retired to our hotel. Some friends did have to leave right away.
After a brief rest we all joined together in a conference room where LaVonne and Kristen had created a magical little place filled with dolls, teapots and teacups, and delicious snacks!

We had quite the spread of enticing foods. There were many fresh fruits and dips, Italian salami and cheeses rolled up, little bagels with cream cheeses and a whole array of sweets that we all brought in.

 I made the thumb print cookies from Tasha Tudor's cookbook. This recipe by Linda Allen never disappoints. Linda had brought Harry & David cookies and petite fours. Wilhelmina had baked scones and made cookies in the shape of corgis. Kristen also made delicious scones.  
There was candy--there is always candy!

Kristen, our Tashette friends we call Dr. Dolly, created this French fashion doll-isn't she lovely!

Lest you think we made the dolls sit by and watch us, we set up tea services for all the dolls and goodies too. I think they were quite satisfied with their delectables.

This is Dr. Dolly on the left-Kristen. Here blog is HERE. She makes beautiful Izannah Walker dolls. LaVonne runs a sheep farm and has recently added a milking cow. She also has converted two antique shepherds wagons into mini accomodations one can stay at. She offers a bit of a farm experience camped out on her 160 acre ranch she calls Serenity Sheep Farm.

This is the beautiful Cat, the talented corgi artist and breeder of champion corgis. You can follow her corgi adventures and be the first to know of her available art HERE.  Tasha Tudor would have loved Cat's illustrations. Cat's corgis remind me of Tasha's corgi illustrations in Corgiville Fair. 

This is Wilhelmina and Melinda. Melinda (in forefront) works at the Tasha Tudor Museum and is a very knowledgeable guide there. She loves sharing everything Tasha Tudor with the visitors who walk through the door. And she makes a mean cup of tea for all that visit. If you haven't been it is really a wonderful little spot to get to know more about Tasha Tudor, her art, and her lifestyle.

Linda organized a teacup exchange. We were going to do it yankee swap style, but we were all satisfied with the one we got to pick. Linda said we were all just too polite.

We also exchanged little gifts with one another. 


Bet you can guess who painted this portrait and put it on a magnet. Every time I open my fridge I think
of Cat and her lovely corgis.

I gave these notecards as gifts. One card was a fancy dress gown from the 1800's and on the back of the package was a fancy boot to match the dress. The little gift tags were pictures of antique perfume bottles.
This ETSY shop seller has these if your interested, plus many more fascinating designs.

Above an assortment of chocolate and tea was gifted by Kristen.

And I couldn't forget to give little treasures for the dolls. I handed out packages that contained
sweets from this lovely ETSY shop. I have bought quite a few of her sweets and have 
always been quite satisfied. 

There were many flavored and frosted donuts.

Tiny delicious cupcakes and slices of dark chocolate cake, too.

LaVonne and Linda devised a craft where we all made a doll out of old salt and pepper shakers. These
were paired with old doll heads-most found at flea markets or vintage shops. Clever! We all 
decorated one, they are quite unique.

While the food, sweets, doll craft and teacups were delightful, the best part was spending time
with kindred spirits. Tasha Tudor brought us all together, for that we will all be very grateful.
If you , too, are a lover of all things Tasha Tudor, you will find many kindred spirits on our FB page
Take Peace. Join us if you like. 
We have many things in common such as corgis, goats, spinning, knitting, 
weaving, journaling, art, dolls, natural dyeing, candle making, chickens, gardening, homesteading, herbs, flowers, and many old fashioned things. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Visit With the Real Hitty in Stockbridge!

On a recent trip to the town of Stockbridge, MA, a special visit had been planned to visit the *real* Hitty doll where she is currently being displayed. You see, this visit was special because Bethany Tudor was accompanying us and she had waited 65 years to see Hitty! How about that-65 years!  Normally, Hitty resides at the Stockbridge Library, but they are undergoing renovations presently, so her temporary home is the historic Merwin House.

 The above picture was taken by my daughter Lydia with her iPod, so it is not very clear.  Photography is not allowed in the Merwin House, but we did not know this. Lydia snapped the picture and I had my camera in my hand ready and one of the docents told us no pictures. However, Lydia fessed up and was going to delete her photo, but the kind lady turned a blind eye. So we have one photo to share.

 The exhibit is sparse. They may bring more of Hitty's belongings out, but most are packed away at the library. The curator said to call and she will be glad to give that information. It may be best to wait until renovations are complete at the library to see her, if you want to see all her accessories. But, I was just glad to see her, and so was Bethany. We both remarked that she has a very sweet expression.

Have you read "Hitty, Her First Hundred Years", by Rachel Field? If not, you must! It is the delightful story of a hand carved wooden doll who has exciting adventures with many different characters. As a child I read the story. I, in turn read them to my daughters.  Back in 2006 a friend whom I refer to as Dr. Dolly introduced our Take Peace group to the Hitty doll that was being offered by Gail Wilson. Kristen, aka Dr. Dolly was one of the first students to test Gail Wilson's Hitty out. We have been discussing Hitty on Take Peace since 2005! There are some serious Hitty collectors amongst us.

The lovely Merwin House. There are many historical houses in Stockbridge, MA. It's really a very quaint town. Lydia asked if we could please move here because she said she could ride her bike everywhere! It really is the quintessential New England town. If your a true New Englander, who has actually lived in one of these towns you will know what I mean.

The house had a lovely back porch for sitting and relaxing. The gardens were speckled with sweet vignettes and plantings that attracted so many drangonflys.

After viewing Hitty and the Merwin House we attended the annual library sale. So many books! Bethany did find a copy of "The Great Corgiville Kidnapping" by her Mum, Tasha Tudor. 

We were all famished so my husband took us all to the historic Red Lion Inn.  A delicious menu! Lydia was the only young lady in the dining area she noticed. Shyly she did ask for the kids menu. What no chicken fingers! Oh dear, she had to settle for homemade fish sticks with hand cut fries. They were scrumptious, I took a bite when she wasn't looking.

Hand squeezed lemonade, definitely sour! 

Inside the Red Lion Inn a game of chess is a relaxing way to pass the time.

An old carousel type horse. Not for riding, but many children have a seat and dream of it we were told. I think Lydia wanted to sit on it, but felt she was a bit too old for that.

We had such a lovely day in Stockbridge and enjoyed spending time with Bethany. To hear all her childhood stories of playing with dolls and building cardboard dollhouses was wonderful.

If your a lover of miniatures then you must attend the Sturbridge Festival of Dollhouse Miniatures. It is held each year in May. Many talented and famous artisians in the doll world attend. Roy Bubbenmoyer who makes wonderful furniture was there as well as the talented Judy Brown, who carves Hitty's , Ima's , Becassine's, Gramma's, and Aunty's. Then there is this vendor who will return to Sturbridge next
year--check out these incredible Hitty scaled dollhouses!

All the Hitty's try to attend this event. It's quite spectacular and they all look forward to it I am told. 

The above Hitty's all had their registrations and name tags visible so to be able to come and go as they please. There is lots for a Hitty to see you know! The line of Hitty's and friends was quite impressive even an hour before the doors to the festival opened.

Then there are the luncheon and dinner engagements to attend with all their friends. It's no small feat to make reservations for such a large assembly of Hitty's!

This is Hitty Jean , isn't she sweet. She lives with Martha who is also a member of Take Peace. Martha chronicles all the goings on of her dolls at her delightful blog A Visit With Hitty.  Her dolls have some fantastic vacations and adventures! Be sure to pay her a visit soon.

The above photos with the signature A Visit With Hitty , were used with permission and were taken by Martha of A Visit With Hitty Blog.

Lydia and I have a surprise in the works that we can't wait to share. Hopefully soon!