Friday, February 25, 2011

His dog

Last weekend my husband and I had a great night out with our church family. It was "couples night" out at a local restaurant. Yes sir, we enjoyed prime rib, stuffed chicken breasts, garlic mashed potatoes, and alot of other dishes to make your taste buds sing--hungry yet?

Our associate pastor, also our youth pastor is the guy with games. He and his wife have a game for everything and no two people are funner in my game loving opinion. My usually quiet husband and I got picked to be contestants for The Newlywed Game. I wanted so bad to be Bob Eubanks (I love that guy) , but the pastor wouldn't let me as my husband needed a partner. Well long story short here, my husband and I got one out of 8 questions right. Don't worry, we have our first marriage counseling session on the books. Now, you may be wondering just what is that question we got right? Let me tell you.

Bob Eubanks aka Pastor Dave L:  What is the one thing you would say your wife would like to get rid of that belongs to you?

Answer: His dog. BINGO!!! SCORE!!!

This is Rupert. He talks alot to me. He is always a step behind, in front, under and over me. He loooooooves me!  And he says things like, "Get off the computer and scratch my chin, will ya".

He yawns alot, I guess he is bored easily. When he yawns it doesn't smell so good.  We all scatter.

Let's see, he takes up ALOT of space, especially on my bed. Never when the mister is home though, wouldn't dare get on the bed when the mister is home, no , no , no. He is supposed to be a guard dog, but regulary sleeps the day away, unless you count the time he jumped on the FedEx man and scared him half to death. Still waiting to be sued on that one.

And finally, he is the most......

 .....immodest and undignified little (big) bugger I have ever come across. I think Bailey is telling him to roll over and stop showing your sunshine to the world!

Yup. His dog.


  1. Oh Suzanne,

    Rupert is adorable! I bet he gives the best hugs despite being underfoot :)

    I am having a giveaway on my blog if you or your readers would like to stop by :)

    Have a great day!

  2. LOL

    As the Mum of one of these (well, 1/2 one -- the other half is golden retriever), I can tell you they love love love the attention and are extremely devoted! I have been in two casts (both ankles) since we got Moosie! LOL

  3. I know what its like to be in an unequal dog loving marriage. ;-) My hubby has spent 21 years wishing the doggies anywhere but in his yard. Right now we've got 3 adults and 5 puppies from a litter that we can't seem to get homes for... I'm getting desperate.. somebody say a prayer for me please!!! Hubby's just about ready to move out lol!!!

  4. Hilarious Suzanne, this huge hound obviously has you trained!! Thanks for popping by. You are right, the dolly head is styled on the Waldorf; quite a challenge on something so tiny. Eli x

  5. Hi Suzanne
    Love the pics of Rupert. My first dog ever was a St., funny you didn't mention drool...have you found a St. that doesnt drool? Quick if you have, breed him so I can adopt one of his babies lol. I can still feel the drool from my childhood gooped in my hair. Thank you for sharing Rupert with us all. Your post was adorable and had me nodding my head laughing remembering all the fun I had with my St. Bless their souls they really have a wonderful disposition.

  6. This post gave me a good laugh... Thanks for sharing..LOL...Love His dog...he is a ctie patootie...Our dog is like him except shes a girl. She's not so modest either and her breath...yack!!! Have a great weekend...Hugs,Mica

  7. Haha! Well, if it makes you feel any better, our Berner is no more modest than your St. Bernard. Sigh. Mortifying. We have a friend who regularly tells him, "Cover your shame, dog!"

  8. Hi Small:-) He is a long haired St so they don't drool much. Believ me , our last dog was a bullmastiff and I had a tea towel in every room! NO more drooly dogs...LOL!


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