Monday, March 3, 2014


With five children (five, oh my!) and four grandchildren there is always a birthday in  motion around here.  This weekend we celebrated our youngest daughter's birthday. As we were told in astonishment- I am TEN, can you believe it, double digits! No, I really can't believe it, my youngest, my baby, is TEN. 

My last blessing came into this world in the most medically challenging of ways-through an AFE. However, God has seen us through the challenges that an AFE brings. He has been faithful and blessed us with this little firecracker. 

This gal is funny, creative, loud at times and a bit sassy. She is quite girly, yet earthy at the same time. When asked what kind of party she might want, she right away stated- a craft party. All nine (9!) of her besties, in her home to do all the crafts she loves--and right now that includes a whole lotta duct tape in every imaginable design and color. What I love most is that she was so insistent on having her party at home-'cause she loves home.....sniff, what Mum wouldn't get a bit teary-eyed at that statement!

So, my husband and I took her shopping and basically just paid for the supplies. Organization is also a gift to this number 5 child. All mapped out were the crafts and supplies needed. All I had to do was bake the cake! Alice Water's chocolate cake from The Art of Simple Food. It has a few steps , but oh the chocolately goodness this cake delivers in every bite is so worth it.

A day full of crafts with her besties was the best party evah! I wish I could just stop the clock right here. This age, this stage of her life is so fascinating and a privledge to be a part of. And while she didn't get that horse (yet) she got showered with beautiful gifts, gifts that reflected her personality. Her friends really know her. Scrapbooks, loom kits, sewing supplies, one lucky gal. 

Happy tenth birthday sweet Lydia Ruth-what a joy it is to be your Mum. I love you!


  1. Sweet! Happy Birthday!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. What a lovely idea for a party, and what a beautiful birthday girl!


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