Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Stroll About the Cottage

We haven't taken a stroll about the cottage in what seems a very long time. 
Here is barn cat George. Each morning when I open the door to let the dogs out he comes to greet me. George has a very big personality for a cat~quite friendly. He is named after comedian George Burns, who also had a larger than life presence.  Off we go to check out what the plants are doing.

The azaleas are in full bloom. The bumble bees are loving all the pollen they can get from them. If you look at the bees behind you will notice it is covered with it! This was one industrious bee, flitting from flower to flower for quite some time. 

Tasha corgi, named after Tasha Tudor, is busy chewing grass. She follows me everywhere. Corgis get right under your feet! More flowers beneath the weeds that need attention. Weeding is a chore that is never ever done!

 The purple baptisia are coming along nicely. Soon there will be a burst of blooms in a beautiful purple indigo color. I love cutting a few of these stalks and using them for arrangements.

Here is Gracie amongst the phlox. Gracie is named after Gracie Allen, George Burns wife and comedic partner in the Burns & Allen show. Have you ever watched it? I used to watch it with my Grandfather, of course they were reruns , but they were smart and funny. Nothing like the off color comedy found on today's TV comedies. Here is a link to one of their many hilarious shows:  Burns & Allen. We have some of the episodes on CD-my 19 year old son even enjoys them.

 Lilac bushes near the barn. Lilacs don't bloom long enough! I simply love them to pieces, the smell, the shape of the flower, and the beautiful soothing lavender color. We in New England, because of our late Spring, got cheated out of our lilac blooming time, sadly.

Oh, my bleeding hearts that I have planted all around the stone walls near the front garden are making quite a show this year! I have many of the white and pink varieties, but I am particularly fond of the white. 

 Tasha does her best to stray to the neighbors house uninvited. However, one call to her and she comes running. She knows there is a peanut butter snack in my apron pocket for swift obedience!

The rhubarb needs my attention, as you can see a stalk has bolted! Time to get the knife and cut it. Pie maybe? Jam? Dipped in sugar and eaten raw? Oh, the possibilities with good rhubarb.
George is nowhere to be found, but Gracie has been following my every step today.  Here she is on the garden wall. Aren't old stone walls lovely? I would put a stone wall and wattle fencing around everything if my husband would let me.

Gracie rarely poses for a photo. She reminds us of Tasha Tudor's cat Minou, who also accompanied 
Tasha around her garden.  George and Gracie are barn cats though, hardly ever venturing in the house. They do like to come in when our winter is especially frigid to warm by the woodstove. The two of them are tenacious hunters, keeping the barn free of rodents. We often find dead bats, chipmunks, birds, a squirrel head or two and countless mice that have met an unfortunate end due to these two cats prowess. But that is country life.  

Tasha and her cat Minou in the front of Tasha's house she named Corgi Cottage, where many flowers and bushes put on a grand display.

Thank you for accompanying me on a little stroll about the cottage.  Now for some tea and a bit of something to tide us over 'til supper. I hope you enjoyed your visit~ I enjoyed having you along! 


  1. I've never seen a white Bleeding Heart. It's gorgeous. Your whole garden is lovely as are your fur babies.

    I'd lost track of you for a couple of months, so I just added you to my Bloglovin'. I don't want to miss out!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. Oh, yes, I enjoyed my visit. What beautiful spring flowers you have. I love the white bleeding hearts. Gorgeous. Only my pink ones are blooming this year.

    Our Yolanda loves lilacs and carried them in her May wedding. What a lovely fragrance.

    A long distance friend of mine has a cat who, last year, had to have one eye surgically removed. I told her about Tasha Tudor's one eyed cat, Minou and how he found his way in her story illustrations to help make her feel better.

    The Man-of-the-House and I like old radio shows. Old radio is heard in our house in the late afternoon sometimes while I cross stitch in the parlor and the Man-of-the-House does bills across the hall in his office/man-cave. I like when Dean plays Bonanza and other old westerns on his computer, believe it or not. But these shows always remind me, sadly, how America's morals have been turning invisible. The writers then and the writers now have so little in common.

  3. Lovely! Just lovely! It's so nice to see green again after such a long winter!

    1. Kate, I agree, I am soaking up all the green!

  4. Suzanne, you live in such a lovely place! Your pix are just so good. Thanks for the walk around.
    Love ya,

    1. Thank you dear, Linda--I wished you were here, that would make this place even more lovely!

  5. It is all so beautiful, and what a cute little Corgi!


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