Sunday, June 15, 2014

Playing dolls with Bethany Tudor!

At the recent Kindred Spirits Gathering I attended , a highlight of the trip was a date to play dolls with 
Tasha Tudor's daughter Bethany. The book, Drawn from New England, was written by Bethany Tudor and 
is her memoir of growing up with her famous Mother and tells of all the magic her childhood held.  
Below is the doll Tasha made for Bethany over 50 years ago! Isn't she beautiful. The little green mittens were
handknit by Tasha herself. There was a beautiful cape and all the frilly underthings a dolly of style needs. All
were sewn by Tasha. A few other knitted items were commissioned by others Bethany told us as Tasha 
found tiny needles needed to knit the items tiresome.
What fun to have actually played with a doll crafted from Tasha's own hands!

Bethany's first "selfie" with us. She was a great sport about it. We were trying to fit us all in and use the 
camera on the phone. Poor Bethany, we kept telling her to scoot in, now look here, look there, we managed
a fairly good shot, but Bethany was looking down. Next time will be better. In the picture is also talented artist Cathy Santarsiero or "The Christmas Corgi". She paints the most beautiful corgi art!  Cathy also
owns and breeds champion corgis. She is a key member of the Mayflower Corgi Club, of which Tasha
Tudor was a well respected and loved member for years.

We enjoyed our doll talk. Bethany is also a great lover of Hitty, as was her mother. But that will be a post 
for another time.  Have you seen the new Doll News magazine? It is fantastic! Devoted to Tasha Tudor and her dolls-it tells, in its many pages the history of Tasha's Melissa and Thaddeus Crane, the Shakespeare family, and many other stories devoted to Tasha's love of dolls and doll play.  
The Tudor Family has them available on their website


  1. What a privilege, how very exciting. Please, do share more about Hitty , please. Blessings friend

  2. Hello Shelley,
    It was pretty exciting-playing dolls with Tasha Tudor's daughter:-) Bethany is a huge fan of Hitty. I have something special planned too later this summer. I have quite the mix of doll lover's on our Take Peace FB page if you care to join. There are more than a few Hitty lovers there, as well as other types of dolls. There are several talented dolly makers there too! Come join the fun!
    Your Tasha Friend,

  3. Well, look what I found, an prior invitation to the Take Peace group. I missed out, but thats fine......I'll just have to catch up with you girls. I had forgotten I had visited this post and commented...........o me o my ;)
    Blessings Suzanne


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