Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Welcome to New Family Members at Blueberry Cottage!

We have a couple of new babies at Blueberry Cottage. Meet goat kiddies Spike and Chloe.  They are a Lamancha and Sanaan cross.  Spike is the dashing male with the brown and white markings.
 These are my daughter Lydia's goats. We did have Nubian's prior to this, just like Tasha Tudor's favorite breed. This mix is known for producing a higher butterfat content in their milk 
and for better milk production. We shall see!

Right now the kiddies are still on the bottle with a bit of hay at each feeding. They are taken out three 
times a day for a run and a bit of grazing, but they can't have too much of that right now. They need
to be a wee bit older.

They seem to have taken to "Mama Lydia" quite well.  They recognize her as head of the herd.  
Chloe is particularly sweet with her and really loves her nose rubbed. Spike is a bit more active, he is like
the energizer bunny! But he is pretty sweet too, often jumping up for a kiss.

George is one of our barn cats. He checks out the kiddies every chance he gets and seems to like them.
George's sister Gracie is not so keen on them, but she is a bit shy anyway. Perhaps she'll come
around soon. I think George is wondering if they are new friends for him.

Goats love to climb on things.

Spike still needs to get his sea legs!  He jumps and hops a bit too eagerly at times and his
little legs just bow out on him. Quite distressing!

Spike seems to be smiling in this picture. 
 Perhaps he is thinking how content with his accomodations he is. Why a nice
cool barn that is safe and secure to retire in, plenty of toys to play with, like an old wheelbarrow, a 
a few cinder blocks, wood beams and old basketballs.  Yes, these quarters will
do nicely I think. Well, that is what I surmise he is thinking;-)

With all this goat love happening around here, Lydia and I have been re-reading Corgiville Fair
by Tasha Tudor. We just love the telling of the goat races during the fair. Tasha really
made them sound like a lot of fun. Lydia said to me, "wouldn't it be wonderful if you could
jump into the book and actually go to the fair?" Oh, yes, I tell her, it certainly would!

*My pictures are my own. With all the Pinterest "pinning" going on, I would appreciate it if you pin a picture to please note proper credit-Blueberrycottage.org.  I don't want to watermark my photos or put my blog name and copyright directly across my pictures as I think that makes photos look rather ugly. Thanks for your understanding!


  1. That is so cute. So is their "trainer".

  2. So you did it! Looks like a fun adventure. I think you had two goats the first time I came to your home...right?
    Farmer Suzanne.
    Love ya


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