Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Visit With the Real Hitty in Stockbridge!

On a recent trip to the town of Stockbridge, MA, a special visit had been planned to visit the *real* Hitty doll where she is currently being displayed. You see, this visit was special because Bethany Tudor was accompanying us and she had waited 65 years to see Hitty! How about that-65 years!  Normally, Hitty resides at the Stockbridge Library, but they are undergoing renovations presently, so her temporary home is the historic Merwin House.

 The above picture was taken by my daughter Lydia with her iPod, so it is not very clear.  Photography is not allowed in the Merwin House, but we did not know this. Lydia snapped the picture and I had my camera in my hand ready and one of the docents told us no pictures. However, Lydia fessed up and was going to delete her photo, but the kind lady turned a blind eye. So we have one photo to share.

 The exhibit is sparse. They may bring more of Hitty's belongings out, but most are packed away at the library. The curator said to call and she will be glad to give that information. It may be best to wait until renovations are complete at the library to see her, if you want to see all her accessories. But, I was just glad to see her, and so was Bethany. We both remarked that she has a very sweet expression.

Have you read "Hitty, Her First Hundred Years", by Rachel Field? If not, you must! It is the delightful story of a hand carved wooden doll who has exciting adventures with many different characters. As a child I read the story. I, in turn read them to my daughters.  Back in 2006 a friend whom I refer to as Dr. Dolly introduced our Take Peace group to the Hitty doll that was being offered by Gail Wilson. Kristen, aka Dr. Dolly was one of the first students to test Gail Wilson's Hitty out. We have been discussing Hitty on Take Peace since 2005! There are some serious Hitty collectors amongst us.

The lovely Merwin House. There are many historical houses in Stockbridge, MA. It's really a very quaint town. Lydia asked if we could please move here because she said she could ride her bike everywhere! It really is the quintessential New England town. If your a true New Englander, who has actually lived in one of these towns you will know what I mean.

The house had a lovely back porch for sitting and relaxing. The gardens were speckled with sweet vignettes and plantings that attracted so many drangonflys.

After viewing Hitty and the Merwin House we attended the annual library sale. So many books! Bethany did find a copy of "The Great Corgiville Kidnapping" by her Mum, Tasha Tudor. 

We were all famished so my husband took us all to the historic Red Lion Inn.  A delicious menu! Lydia was the only young lady in the dining area she noticed. Shyly she did ask for the kids menu. What no chicken fingers! Oh dear, she had to settle for homemade fish sticks with hand cut fries. They were scrumptious, I took a bite when she wasn't looking.

Hand squeezed lemonade, definitely sour! 

Inside the Red Lion Inn a game of chess is a relaxing way to pass the time.

An old carousel type horse. Not for riding, but many children have a seat and dream of it we were told. I think Lydia wanted to sit on it, but felt she was a bit too old for that.

We had such a lovely day in Stockbridge and enjoyed spending time with Bethany. To hear all her childhood stories of playing with dolls and building cardboard dollhouses was wonderful.

If your a lover of miniatures then you must attend the Sturbridge Festival of Dollhouse Miniatures. It is held each year in May. Many talented and famous artisians in the doll world attend. Roy Bubbenmoyer who makes wonderful furniture was there as well as the talented Judy Brown, who carves Hitty's , Ima's , Becassine's, Gramma's, and Aunty's. Then there is this vendor who will return to Sturbridge next
year--check out these incredible Hitty scaled dollhouses!

All the Hitty's try to attend this event. It's quite spectacular and they all look forward to it I am told. 

The above Hitty's all had their registrations and name tags visible so to be able to come and go as they please. There is lots for a Hitty to see you know! The line of Hitty's and friends was quite impressive even an hour before the doors to the festival opened.

Then there are the luncheon and dinner engagements to attend with all their friends. It's no small feat to make reservations for such a large assembly of Hitty's!

This is Hitty Jean , isn't she sweet. She lives with Martha who is also a member of Take Peace. Martha chronicles all the goings on of her dolls at her delightful blog A Visit With Hitty.  Her dolls have some fantastic vacations and adventures! Be sure to pay her a visit soon.

The above photos with the signature A Visit With Hitty , were used with permission and were taken by Martha of A Visit With Hitty Blog.

Lydia and I have a surprise in the works that we can't wait to share. Hopefully soon!


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  2. I loved this post, thanks for sharing. I am a Hitty fan myself, I have read the book, and was gifted a first addition by a dear blogging friend Helen. Do you know her? Here's her link, should you like to visit.
    http://dollzandthingz.blogspot.com. She has carved beautiful Hittys herself, and makes other wonderful dolls as well. I have my own version of a little Hitty, I named her Hitty Jane. I have just recently acquired a doll house for her and her friends. Nothing fancy, just an old tin type from the 1940's. She is happy with it and I am as well . Your little girl is very sweet........how special that you are friends with Tasha's daughter. Blessings friend

    1. Dear Shelley,
      Thanks for your kind words on my post. What a generous gift, a first edition, to be gifted by your friend. I shall look forward to perusing her blog. I saw your dollhouse and it is quaint indeed--hope to see the inside. Thank you in regards to Lydia, she is quite sweet and a doll lover too. She has always played dollies and unlike most girls her age, still does:-)

  3. Such a lovely post Suzanne and how beautiful is Stockbridge!...I only wish I lived much closer and I would definitely be visiting...I'm off to look at the links now...the dolls are beautiful...x
    Hope you have a great weekend,
    Susan x

  4. That is so awesome! I so want to go there...years ago I carved a Hitty doll...I don't think I've ever told that story on the blog...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  5. Thanks for sharing your outing with us.
    Yes, I read the story "Hitty the First Hundred Years" - but not as a child - and not as one read aloud to my children (all adults now) but as grandmother. It's never too late. It's a darling story and adventurous. My girls read it and then there it sat on our shelf for some years until I noticed it while dusting. Having read so few books in my own childhood I have some catching up to do.


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